Summer is the best time for Kids!

July 5 within a progaram «Summer at Library» we hold a Summer Camp! American corner staff cheerful, amicably and cognitively carried out the Summer camp! Before the Day of the Capital (6th of July ) we have informed  the children about this great day, this great holiday, we have told a lot of information about the Motherland, about our capital Astana and we have been very surprised that, how well children are informed about EXPO. In order to lesson wasn't boring for children, we hold lesson of English in playful way with cards, pictures, and games in which children actively took part during a lesson, we have learned new English words, have tried to tell often used phrases and that most of all was pleasant and amazing for children, also we studied colors in English and after studing each child has tried to represent his vision about the Motherand, having drawn nice and the most interesting drawings. Generally children with enthusiasm drew tourist attraction of our country, beautiful buildings and monuments of the capital and basically they drow beautiful, popular and our favourite Bayterek, have shown as they see the nature of our country, the EXPO -2017 exhibition has also been mentioned!

We have carried out 2 hours of lesson of English, and we have noticed that children who came to Summer Camp  are very inquisitive, disciplined, versatile polite and very lovely. We invite to everyone of children to visit our library also come to our Summer Camp classes to learn English!

Author Balabek Fariza (librarian of DIB, American Corner Karaganda)