Murat Auezov

Murat Auezov is a public Kazakh figure, culturologist, candidate of philological sciences, and Honored Worker of Kazakhstan. He was born in the village Merke of Dzhambul oblast (KazakhSSR), on 1 January 1943. Murat Auezov is the son of the famous classic Kazakh writer Mukhtar Auezov. Moreover, he is able to speak Kazakh, Russian, English, and Chinese languages. He is the author of over 200 publications on the theory and practice of the artistic process. Murat writer of monographs. «Времен связующая нить», «Иппокрена. Хождения к колодцам времен», and one of the authors «Уйти, чтобы вернуться». One of the founders and leaders of the informal youth movement «Жас тұлпар».

Murat brother, father Mukhtar, and son Murat’s past life path if you remember again. . .

Father Mukhtar- for son Murat it is like an endless ocean. The spirit of my father, the owner of the same art, who supports me. And that is today I am also over seventy years. When I look at it seriously these days, it turns out that dad paid great attention to raising children. For each child that have own abilities, he showed the ways. For example, my sister Layla was into history. After that, she chose this subject, and she became a doctor of historical sciences. My little brother Ernar liked to explore steppe birds, insects, in general nature. Maybe our father noticed in him this quality, Ernar and I often took outside. Indeed, Ernar was ornian thologist. When he was a student, he wrote a lot of scientific documents. In the article “Alakolsky surprise” in Alakol he found seagull that the whole world exploring birds scientists didn’t investigated.


Yerassyl Mekezhanov